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Cognizant Behavioral
 Health Services
 Paul Gushurst, L.C.S.W. 

Paul Gushurst is a PA licensed clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of
children, adolescents, adults and families.  He has experience in treating anxiety, mood
disorders (including bi-polar and depression), trauma, adjustment disorders, psychosis,
and other life-stress issues.

As a clinician, Paul utilizes a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioral,
humanistic, solution focused, and existential.  In all cases, he tries to adjust his style to
meet the needs and preferences of each individual client.  He also teaches mindfulness, to
enhance self awareness and the ability to manage stress.

Paul is a pragmatic and compassionate therapist. He approaches therapy as a
collaborative encounter, helping clients recognize and cultivate their inner strengths.  His
primary goal is to help clients achieve creative, meaningful, and holistic responses to the
complicated challenges of their lives.

Paul earned his master’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University
in 2009.