Dixie Kime, PsyD

Dr. Kime is a Pennsylvania Licensed psychologist who has significant experience working with veterans and their families. She enjoys providing individual psychotherapy services to adult and older adult populations. She also offers couple’s and family therapy.  In addition to military-related trauma & PTSD, she has mastered skills in treating depression, anxiety, grief, loss, and stress. She also provides counseling for geriatric issues, associated cognitive problems, and caregiver issues.

Regarding Dr. Kime’s therapy approach she mentions, “I utilize eclectic therapy approach that has been demonstrated to be effective for a wide range of problems.” These strategies have helped people find new ways to behave by changing their thought patterns, focus on their present-day challenges, and cultivate healthier lifestyle. She employs a patient-centered approach by establishing goals tailored to a particular patient. Her compassion and empathy encourage her patients to voice their concerns openly and support them to set their own therapy goals, while also recognizing that some patients may prefer a more structured or directive approach.​